Monday, 8 June 2009

Anna Croft on the island

The life on a croft not being used since 1942 are like a journey of discovery every day. I told You before about my kayak project, To tell You the truth, I am far from being there! I am still in the process of organising my every-day life according to not having any electricity. And a lot of my spare-time goes to fixing up the place and the interior. I have recently found a lovely stone garden underneath 60 years of old wilderness of free growing grass and trees, as well as a lovely pond in the garden.

This island in the archipelago of the coast of West-Sweden, are mostly mountains and forest, and my croft is at the very top of one of this heights (ohhh I am a highlander! The picture above is taken from the seaside) This croft and its farm is built into the nature in a very creative way, as they don't do any more. I have my own well with fresh water from the very deep springs in the mountain. But, the old building for cows and sheep are gone long time ago, only the stones from the ground it stood on are left. The beautiful and large root cellar I have to repar, because a tree liked to grow inside and through the stone roof, but it is beautiful.

In the harbour I have access to two small boats, havn't had time for fishing, yet. The two most important projects right now is to set up the sun cell system and and combine it with water turbines for the rainy days :-D

It is about 2 kilometer to the closest neighbour, where I have access to as much horse-back riding as I want, and have time for. I am working full time at the uni in the big city, imagine to come home each day to this silent paradise!

Of course here is lots of wild animals around me, both small and huge, the other nightfall I had a huge elk in the garden, he stood there for a long time and I was sitting in the window amazed over my new way of living, close to the nature, only using the natures resources.

Until next time,

(( LOVE ))

Anna Croft

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sveriges Nationaldag 6 juni & EU-val 7 juni

Vi bor i ett underbart land
med den vackraste natur
vi har alla rätt att nyttja
så varför gör vi dum gyttja?

I morgon går folket till urnan
för att rösta för natur & klimat
för rätten till personlig integritet
lägg din röst på Miljöpartiet de Gröna!

Personlig integritet är en mänsklig rättighet och måste få ett stärkt skydd i grundlagen. Miljöpartiet anser att utvecklingen mot ett övervaknings-samhälle måste vändas. Omoderna, smutsiga bränslen och kärnkraft har ingen plats i ett hållbart samhälle. Miljöpartiet vill stoppa all utvinning av olja och kol, och väljer hellre billiga och rena energislag än farlig och dyr kärnkraft. Den nya tekniken är redan här och med moderna energikällor och ny infrastruktur kan vi både rädda klimatet och skapa ett samhälle med nya gröna jobb, högre livskvalitet och vettig konsumtion.