Saturday, 26 December 2009

Thank You for 2009

You magnify my happiness
When I am feeling glad;
You help to heal my injured heart
Whenever I am sad.
You’re such a pleasure in my life;
I hope that you can see
How meaningful your friendship is;
You’re a total joy to me.


Thank You!

(( kram ))


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

There is a Stone in my Heart

Vladimir Kush

Pearls (see sidebar)

Good Yule:

Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

The birthday of the Sun and of the year. We experience the greatest darkness, the hours of darkness are so much greater than the hours of daylight. And yet, it is within this time of greatest darkness that the Light of the World is reborn, for now the hours of daylight will begin to grow and the hours of darkness will lessen.

Thursday, 17 December 2009



Lost in Translation?

I am sometimes very frustrated when I lack all the tools
needed to express myself in English, and I can only imagine
the trouble You have seen ... when trying to understand me.
I want to thank You Blogspotters for having great patience
with me, myself and I.

(( Love ))

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Mute Monday: The Star(s)

Teach Me Tiger!

Stars are best described as massive luminous balls.
Some Stars think they had a great ball.
Stars are what You see when You are hit and hurt.

Lesson Learned:
Don't mess with a Swedish Woman.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Lucy in the Sky

The celebration of St Lucy spread over all of Europe. But the place where she is most beloved is Scandinavia, where light is especially welcome in the long hours of winter darkness. On her day, the eldest (or youngest) daughter rises before dawn and fixes a breakfast of special pastries and coffee for her family. She appears in their bedrooms, dressed in a white dress belted with a red sash, and wearing a wreath of greens and four (or seven or nine) lighted candles. Sometimes the wreath is made of green rue and decorated with red ribbons. She serves traditional pastries called lussekatter (or Lucy cats), x-shaped pastries, sometimes flavored with saffron. Other traditional foods served in her honor include saffron buns, ginger biscuits and glogg, a hot spiced wine with aquavit.
(source: School of The Seasons)

With this post I throw some thoughts and light upon my friends living in the Northern hemisphere and those of You that see darkness around
You, despite the presence of the Sun. I hope there will be light falling upon us all, but most of all - You are the Light of my Life!

Have a lovely light season,


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Who Knows?


Hearts call
Hearts fall
Swallowed in the rain

Who knows
Life grows
Hollow and so vain

Wandering in the winter light
The wicked and the sane
Bear witness to salvation
And life starts over again

Now the clear sky is all around you
Aah aah
Love's shadow will surround you
All through the night

Star glowing in the twilight
Tell me true
Hope whispers and I will follow
'Till you love me too

Ah ah ah

Now the clear sky is all around you
Aah aah
Love's shadow will surround you
All through the night

Star glowing in the twilight
Tell me true
Hope whispers and I will follow
'Till you love me too

Ah ah ah

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

UNITE for CLIMATE Result - So far

Your vote will be presented to world leaders at the COP15 UN climate summit in Copenhagen, telling them to seal a fair and effective climate deal.

This is how the engagement looks (so far):

  1. 1127481 Asian votes
  2. 37149 African votes
  3. 26154 European votes
  4. 17924 Oceanic votes
  5. 12885 South American votes
  6. 7495 North American votes
  7. 16 Antarctic votes

Of course, the voting has to be related to Internet access and population, but, even so, it can by an ocular survey give a pretty fare picture of the citizens engagement in saving our planet. IF you have a hint of population and Internet access, and even electricity distribution.

Shame on us!


Monday, 7 December 2009

Method of Choice - Your Voice

Your vote will be presented to world leaders at the COP15 UN climate summit in Copenhagen, telling them to seal a fair and effective climate deal.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Mute Monday: Visual Perception in The Computer Age


Beuna Note:
This Zebra is not created by me, but I intend to learn this ASCII Art Code.
Some say ASCII Art is stone-dead, but on Internet reincarnation works ;-)

Saturday, 5 December 2009


In our enlightened time
is time our lacking prime
we miss colourful nuances,
indicators in the wave dance
and become castaway
and lost, far, far away

Have a Lovely Weekend,


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ohhh BAM! ahhh

President Barack Obama was surprised and humbled to win the Nobel Peace Prize of 2009 and would accept it as a "call to action" to work with other nations to solve the problems of the 21st century. (The White House)

Obama said it is still in America's vital national interest to "dismantle and destroy" al-Qaida terrorists and extremist allies. "I intend to finish the job," he said. (West Point)

Please, explain to me ....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Eye Pond(er)

Thinking of You

Comparisons are easily done
Once you've had a taste of perfection
Like an apple hanging from a tree
I picked the ripest one
I still got the seed

You said move on
Where do I go
I guess second best
Is all I will know

Cause when I'm with him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you
What you would do if
You were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes

You're like an Indian summer
In the middle of winter
Like a hard candy
With a surprise center
How do I get better
Once I've had the best
You said there's
Tons of fish in the water
So the waters I will test

He kissed my lips
I taste your mouth
He pulled me in
I was disgusted with myself

Cause when I'm with him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you
What you would do if
You were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into...

You're the best
And yes I do regret
How I could let myself
Let you go
Now the lesson's learned
I touched it I was burned
Oh I think you should know

Cause when I'm with him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you
What you would do if
You were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes
Looking into your eyes
Looking into your eyes
Oh won't you walk through
And bust in the door
And take me away
Oh no more mistakes
Cause in your eyes I'd like to stay...

Art: Vladimir Kush

Songwriter: Katy Perry

Singer: Katy Perry

Evoker or Joker: Anna-Lys

Monday, 30 November 2009

Mute Monday: Travel (un)Ravel!?!

Enjoy Your Journeys!


Mute Monday
is a weekly multi-participant group project
that visually addresses reader suggested themes.
Click here to learn more, and be sure to visit
the troll report to let everyone know you participated.
(says K9)


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Conceptual Hyper-Realism?!?

Art by

Tristan Schane

Interviewed here

"Inter-viewed" is a lovely English expression
but the process of making art might be an Intra-view ;-)


First lesson of Anna-Lystic Cyber-Ethology

(in short ALCE in Swe. ÄLG LÄRA)

Positive relatedness or negative relatedness are in relation to factors such as distance, actuality, mood, hunger, openness, sex and humour, etcetera, but most of all projections. The change between positive and negative responsiveness is called learning. Learning may be limited by growth and social context. Animals has to learn to survive, if they turn their back to the "Newly" perceived, they may be eaten by that new creature.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Escape from Lolcatraz, or Blogging as an Escape from Reality!?!?

An ESCapade

Lets get pseudo-philosophical! (I discuss from a first-person perspective, only because I prefer it, not due to some self-related experience.) I have been looking upon blogging as a kind of escape-way when life gets dull and boring, or when I am overwhelmed of creativity, or just can't sleep and care for some social interplay. Now, I face almost the opposite side of the coin. When, into deep serious states in life, that needs lots of reflection, a "LOL" can destroy the reflection and I have to start the thinking-process all over again. Today the online sphere is an ongoing parallell world, side by side, the physical world. Both worlds are happening in the real world of the humans everyday life. Escapes can be looked upon as intellectual decisions needed when aiming for a timelimited goal. Before escapes was thought of as something negative - what has generated this paradigmshift in thinking? The "ESC-key ", of course. The computers has tought us that we are the agent that can descide, before we thought it was all about destiny ;-)

Wonderings by


Saturday, 14 November 2009

It gets lighter when its dark

If You dig deeper it might get hot ...

It's snowing outside and the Swedish melancholic soul starts to wake up. Still living in they grey scale but slowly slowly visualising a lighter environment, that will lift us up to higher former of being ... here ... alive and interplaying with the outside of Self.

~ Just an other Self-Anna-Lyse

Georgia O'Keeffe "Black Iris"

A post aimed to
celebrate the 122nd
anniversary of the
birth of Georgia O'Keeffe
on the 15:th of November

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Remains ...

Autumn means colour and leaves
so I got to leave my "cave" for
the Winter - to the mainland.

Meaning living in a world of
concrete, asphalt and stress
longing for paradise - the island.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bright Light (mangold)

May I proudly present something from my garden?
I love this mangold, and use it in my daily salad.

I still have not enough electricity to run around
in the Blogoland, but my Garden Land is OK ;-)


and many kisses
without viruses ;-)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

No Day is The Same

What are YOU doing?


(( Hugs ))

Monday, 8 June 2009

Anna Croft on the island

The life on a croft not being used since 1942 are like a journey of discovery every day. I told You before about my kayak project, To tell You the truth, I am far from being there! I am still in the process of organising my every-day life according to not having any electricity. And a lot of my spare-time goes to fixing up the place and the interior. I have recently found a lovely stone garden underneath 60 years of old wilderness of free growing grass and trees, as well as a lovely pond in the garden.

This island in the archipelago of the coast of West-Sweden, are mostly mountains and forest, and my croft is at the very top of one of this heights (ohhh I am a highlander! The picture above is taken from the seaside) This croft and its farm is built into the nature in a very creative way, as they don't do any more. I have my own well with fresh water from the very deep springs in the mountain. But, the old building for cows and sheep are gone long time ago, only the stones from the ground it stood on are left. The beautiful and large root cellar I have to repar, because a tree liked to grow inside and through the stone roof, but it is beautiful.

In the harbour I have access to two small boats, havn't had time for fishing, yet. The two most important projects right now is to set up the sun cell system and and combine it with water turbines for the rainy days :-D

It is about 2 kilometer to the closest neighbour, where I have access to as much horse-back riding as I want, and have time for. I am working full time at the uni in the big city, imagine to come home each day to this silent paradise!

Of course here is lots of wild animals around me, both small and huge, the other nightfall I had a huge elk in the garden, he stood there for a long time and I was sitting in the window amazed over my new way of living, close to the nature, only using the natures resources.

Until next time,

(( LOVE ))

Anna Croft

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sveriges Nationaldag 6 juni & EU-val 7 juni

Vi bor i ett underbart land
med den vackraste natur
vi har alla rätt att nyttja
så varför gör vi dum gyttja?

I morgon går folket till urnan
för att rösta för natur & klimat
för rätten till personlig integritet
lägg din röst på Miljöpartiet de Gröna!

Personlig integritet är en mänsklig rättighet och måste få ett stärkt skydd i grundlagen. Miljöpartiet anser att utvecklingen mot ett övervaknings-samhälle måste vändas. Omoderna, smutsiga bränslen och kärnkraft har ingen plats i ett hållbart samhälle. Miljöpartiet vill stoppa all utvinning av olja och kol, och väljer hellre billiga och rena energislag än farlig och dyr kärnkraft. Den nya tekniken är redan här och med moderna energikällor och ny infrastruktur kan vi både rädda klimatet och skapa ett samhälle med nya gröna jobb, högre livskvalitet och vettig konsumtion.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Out of Touch

Friends Dancing Around the Screen,
I will not be living with my machine
I will be moving into my dear cave
combined with working as a slave

You will always
be in my mind

until later


Thursday, 14 May 2009

Overhead in Waves

Man is not rational;
there is intelligence
only in what encompasses him.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Firmly Riveted Movement

In the midst of my move to the Swedish West-Coast Archipelago, I depend on my sons muscle power. With two weeks left to be finish on, I thought I had plenty of time, sure!

Two of my son's has broken toes, one when he played an aggressive dude on the theatre the other day (yes, he was very convincing, indeed), the other one broke his today at a Taekwondo (martial art) contest (after receiving a gold award in Kata).

Some Mothers Days are really Mothers Day, like all other days mothers has :-D
But, it could have been worst than toes ... so I am thankful, even if we all are stuck in different ways, it is only temporary. For Frida (art piece) it was permanent, and for lots of You out there. My thoughts and heart goes to You out there !!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Sweden's most Intelligent Festival

The International Science Festival

Dr. Jane Goodall with Friend

Here I am at The International Science Festival (Yes, I am the chimpanzee, to the right). But, I ran away listening to Green Design, because I care for the environment, but I will also attend the more spacey, or out of space programs, maybe it will be a better place to live on? I will be at the festival most of the time and do some "monkey business" and so on ... and lets rrrrrrrock.

May 7:th Updated photo from Gothenburg.

Photo: Dick Gillberg

Monday, 27 April 2009

World Poverty - The Real Pandemic

To be treathed worst than a swine
is more dangerous and world wide spread
than the Swine Influenza, You can be the next!

Critical Anna-Lyze
of Media News


Daily and balanced updates
of the Swine Influenza before it gets out to the news,
and turned upside down, and twisted. Presented in six
different languages. The latest update is in the upper
right corner of the WHO site.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Paddle will Work!?!

Canoeing in Bohuslän, Sweden
"The inland canoeing in Bohuslän is concentrated in the northern part of the province, a hilly and relatively barren area, crowned with the plateau of Kynnefjäll. The waterways usually follow the lakes along the rift-valleys of the landscape.

In the south, the river Nordre älv and its valley offer beautiful scenery. Beside flat water paddling inland, Bohuslän is probably more wellknown among sea-kayakers for the great archipelagos decorating the coast line. In the north, the stony shores consist of the characteristic red granite, while gneiss dominates the coastline southwards. The landscape reminds you of a bare mountain region.

We recommend a kayak for paddling on the west coast. You should have experience and patience, because in spite of the sheltering islands, there are many open straits and bays where you may have to wait for better weather before passing. During long trips of a week or more, you are likely to be delayed for some time because of heavy winds and sea.

The best seasons for sea-kayaking are late summer and early autumn, while the water temperature is still at a humane level and most of the pleasure-boats have left. There is also less risk of disturbing the bird- and animal life when you approach or land at the islands.

On the coast of Bohuslän the tide as a matter of fact is perceptable. It is not much - maybe a foot at spring tide. But note that this tide, when together with a strong west wind can make the water rise considerably. So you had better pull up your kayaks a good distance from the water if you are leaving them out of your sight."


or am I still sailing?


Saturday, 25 April 2009

An Inquiry of Kayak Sailing

Haj Everybody, I am Lost!

I am searching for information regarding putting a sail (a la Viking Era, or a spinnaker) on a kayak. I have not bought the kayak, yet, due to that I must learn how I can expand it into a sailing kayak. I have seen models that are built on the catamaran idea, but also on the Viking principles.

I have not found out how the mast (or pole) will be placed on such a little boat. I don't even know if there are kayaks for sale, with sail :-) I am quite interested in buying the kayak model; Prijon Seayak, there is a great space for my dog, as well as a rudder that keeps it on track, with my feet, when I am fishing.

I need information about if this model can be developed into a sailing kayak or if You have better suggestions and ideas. I am not in a hurry I prefer to wait and get the right gadgets or at least knowledge of how to go further on this matter. Any wise or otherwise thinking or information to share? Thank You very much, indeed for trying to help me!!!!

Wondering and Fishing for Knowledge,


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tribute to the Nature

We Swedes have a special relation to nature which we share with our Scandinavian neighbours. We tribute nature through special festivals nd we dance around Yule trees and Midsummer poles. Our spirits are sensitive for natures shifts and we become lyrical over the first flower. Many of us still bend to the ground and kiss it. In the Swedish constitution, we have The Right of Public Access, which probably is the most important reason why we stay in our country whatever happens. We still have the same procedures around natures shifts as we had long before the church came here with their calender.

In spring we celebrate the birth of nature, Walpurgis (Valborgsmäss), I think the video capture the soul very well, it is the Godness of Spring with the Finnish band Gjallarhorn. The narrative from their songs springs from Nordic mythology. "Gjallarhorn" is the goat horn you can see on the video. The celebration of natures birth is also a awakening of love and passion in our pretty melancholic souls. Spring is seeds of love and growth.

Me, myself move out to the Archipelago of the West Coast, Sweden, I will now live on a small island, even if I still go to work on the university. Getting back and forth will take about 5 hours, but I will live in the midst of the wilderness, I need this for my final process of writing, to be closer to our nature. I will still be around, now and then, but, not as much, as I have been until now. I will probably post some pictures of my surroundings ;-)



Monday, 20 April 2009

Stephen Hawking seriously ill

Our times Einstein, professor Stephen Hawking has today been hospitalized, and is very ill. He fascinates me, most people know him due to his explanations of that black holes are not empty, on the contrary there is lot of energy ... together with fellow researchers he tried to find the big explanation, an unified theory of relativism and time, that could explain it all.

I came across him because of my interest in "present time" and "presence" ... brb

I am back,

just to inform You, about that I have no more to say. There are now many bloggers out there posting the same news .. they master the English language better than me ...

visit my bloggfriends Laughingwolf and Quasar instead :-)

Stephen You have much more to accomplish, be well soon!

// AnnA

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Prejudice Vanished?!?

Some people shook their pretty head, some hold their hand in front of their mouth, yes, even in front of their eyes. Me, myself, sat silly with my mouth open, but full of anticipation.. ... then I spontaneously burst into tears.

Like a silent rain in Springtime, I cried. I cried for all of us, I cried for the human kind ... and all of this, because of this Talent Woman, and what took place in the waves around her performance, and long, long time after that! Hopefully, will this waves never end as they take their journey around our planet!

// Anna-Lys

Please, follow the link Talent Woman for the full story line.
Me, myself stumble upon this experience on the blog "Live Passionately".

(picture above found on Google, can't find is original creator)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Logic by Play

Illustration: A.L. Fuhrman

"Pure Mathematics,

is in its way,
the Poetry of Logical Ideas"

(Albert Einstein)

This weekend I am re-reeding a tiny book (819 pp), an integrated approach to research in social and behavioural sciences (maths), and as always my thoughts went elsewhere. I can´t really understand why our kids must learn mathematics, by using numbers. How interesting it would be to use non counting logic, like poetry and art, meaning turning the process upside down. It probably would result in an understanding of logical thinking as well as an urge to get tools for using it, those tools would of course be numbers, because it would take to much space to write with words, sentences and so when communicating the logics.

If allowed kids, would first use play as a communicative tool to display their thoughts to others. When other kids unite in the play, the play will turn into a game, because they make up rules for the play, games follows logics or rules :-)

How much funnier it is to read this English book having this metaphor in my head. After every chapter I summarize into dramaturgy. Another win is that it besides the semantic memory and perceptual memory also falls into my episodic memory, which makes it much easier to remember and have access to. Knowledge, is like a fresh fruit, it rotten after a short while, but the logic behind getting the new knowledge is a game we need to play every time we meet something we don't understand.

In the Midst of Wondering by,


Friday, 17 April 2009

I am the chairman

“When Fortune calls, offer Her a Chair”
(Yiddish Proverb)

Have a lovely weak end ;-)


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Back to the Roots

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it,
it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world
to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so,
they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it
whether they want to or not.”
(Georgia O'Keefe)

Iris, a flower that can grow almost anywhere, no matter the nutrition or quality of the land. The Iris is a beautiful and dramatic flower that has many different looks, and colours. Still they are the same family - The Irises.

The Iris has strong fibre and are very flexible. The fibre from the leaf can be used to make cordage (for making fishnet, ropes, strings etcetera). The roots was used in medicine for kidney problems and to get into a dizzy world. No, no I haven't used it!

I use an other root, everyday, it is from the same family, as the Iris, namely Ginger. I eat it fresh in my everyday salad bowl. In some cultures they use ginger root for torture, because it is very strong. But, me I don't use it in that part of my body, I eat it, and use it for healthy purposes.

Health, yes that is something lots of people all over the world are getting more less of. For example in my own country, Sweden, we have a huge problem with unemployment, actually the highest in Europe right now (we can't export any more).

If You can't control, anything else, stay healthy with the small things in life. Enjoy our nature and its richness, take a flower in Your hand, and watch it carefully, feel its softness. You can also take control over Your body, by healthier living and why not start with some martial arts (I do Shotokan karate), because loosing the sense of self-control, is to slowly, slowly loosing Yourself, the core roots of being a human.

Stay Strong, Healthy and Flexible!

(( Hugs ))


Blowin in The Wind?

How many blogs must a blogger walk down
Before you call him a blogger?

I have been searching for information about blogs, their existence, and how many we are today. Almost a mission impossible! I found that there are about 184 million started blogs, at another place I found 77 million, but nowhere I can find what they define as a blog. Maybe, that is the problem, that You can't count what is not categorized properly.

Is twitter, glitter and critter defined as blogging?
Is my blog, a blog per se, because I publish on blogspot?
Is it important at all what I am doing, as long as I do what i like to do? ;-)

The industry find the Blogosphere most interesting, they have conferences and expos for example Blog World Expo. I went also to Google Schoolar (only peer reviewed articles) to find out what the researchers think about the blogging phenomena.

Then I became very sleepy.

Good N8 ;-)

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Saturday, again - time for some cleaning up?
Satur is the Roman God for agriculture, and the only day of the week in the English language that are from the Roman mythology. In the Scandinavian languages this day and the name of it follows Viking rituals - namely "bath day" (lördag). When taking a quick survey into other cultures I find that modern Maori calls it "washing day" (rahoroi).

I wonder is it also a myth that my ancestors, the Vikings, did bath, at all? Or, did both Maori and Vikings refer to a "mental cleaning", a refreshing start for the new week to come? Is there actually a connection between the Roman God for Agriculture and the mental preparation for the next weeks hard work on the fields?

Wonderings by


Friday, 10 April 2009

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Egg(head) Time!

"Thinking is more interesting than Knowing,
but, less interesting than Looking"

Johann Wolfgang van Goethe 1749-1832

Happy Easter Holiday


Annika Östberg back in Sweden today

Annika Östberg is today back on Swedish mark,
after spending 28 years in Californian prison!

Annika moved to USA as a little preschool girl, her mother meet an American man. The couple experienced that the daughter was in the way of their new love. Annika had to move to his relatives. Unwanted and unloved, she did as most unseen kids, she went into a way of living that was bad for her. As expected, by 12 she got into youth prison. She escaped from youth prison at the age of 13, and lived as a prostitute for living, and to stand out in this situation she started to use heroin in the flower power era in San Francisco. At 15 she gave birth to a son! (He later died in a car accident 1985).

From childhood and on and on her life was field of tragedies and criminal acting out. It ended up with a scene where Annikas boyfriend shoot a policeman to death. They had stopped their car, and Annika went into the "ladies" in the woods, a police car stopped, and Annika went back to the car, the the boyfriend shoot the policeman. Annika got prison for life for "distracting" the policeman when she came back to the car. 28 years she has spent in American prison, fostering their police dogs. Today she arrived to Sweden, at Hinseberg Prison. One must be thankful that she did not get the electric chair for existing on this earth! To me she got into prison when her parents did not want her any more when she was 5-6 years old.

Welcome back - may You get peace in life in Sweden!