Sunday, 10 May 2009

Firmly Riveted Movement

In the midst of my move to the Swedish West-Coast Archipelago, I depend on my sons muscle power. With two weeks left to be finish on, I thought I had plenty of time, sure!

Two of my son's has broken toes, one when he played an aggressive dude on the theatre the other day (yes, he was very convincing, indeed), the other one broke his today at a Taekwondo (martial art) contest (after receiving a gold award in Kata).

Some Mothers Days are really Mothers Day, like all other days mothers has :-D
But, it could have been worst than toes ... so I am thankful, even if we all are stuck in different ways, it is only temporary. For Frida (art piece) it was permanent, and for lots of You out there. My thoughts and heart goes to You out there !!!


Novel Nymph said...

Your comments on my blog were amazing, you are so awesome!

Your son sounds awesome but tell him to be careful! My goodness!

Frida is a role model of course, today I was thinking of her while looking at a Leonora Carrington painting....


Novel Nymph said...

Happy Mother's Day, I should have started the other post!;)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Mother's Day. Somehow I pictured you as being too young and fancy free to be a mom, but I'll bet you're a good one. Hope your son's toes heal quick.

Pete said...

belated happy mothers day
My hat off to mothers. they do an awesome job
hope those toes mend fast

RuneE said...

I Hope the accidents don't run in the family, or is this a self portrait AFTER the accident? ;-)

Takk for kommentaren! :-)

dianne said...

Happy belated Mothers Day Anna-Lys and I hope those toes heal fast. ♥

laughingwolf said...

hope your mama day was better than the injuries suffered by your sons, anna-lys... broken toes, unlike some broken hearts, mend relatively easily

blessings to you and yours :)

Cynthia said...

Ms. Kahlo was an extraordinary woman, her physical and emotional
strength simply amazing!

I've always wanted to have an entire body of work completely
composed of me, but it takes so
much courage.

foam said...

oh my ..
broken toes!!
that certainly was a 'mama's day' .. wasn't it.
i hope your sons toes mend quickly.
i hope your move goes smoothly.

Häxmamman i Jämtland said...

Hej Anna-Lys!

Först vill jag bara berätta att jag tyvär inte är så haj på engelska så jag kan inte läsa din blogg...

Sedan vill jag tacka för dina ord i min blogg, du ville att jag skulle visa dig vad jag har varit med om det är lite svårt men ska försöka...

Här är en länk

Men sedan har jag en sida där jag är anonym men om du ger mig din e-mail så kan jag skicka min adress dit...

Skicka din adress hit

Ha en bra dag/Kram

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

Oh no... 2 with broken toes! How bizarre too, but as you say, it could have been way worse!

Oh good luck with your move! Are the boys excited? What a great adventure!!!

Dick said...

Happy Mothers Day, a little late I know I know but well meant.
Two of your sons having broken toes, I hope they don't have too much pain.

ferreira-pinto said...

Wait a minute ... two with broken toes? At the same time? Gee, I guess Super Mom Anna Lys is gonna have lot's of work. But nothing my truly faithful and strong friend won't manage quite well.

As for Frida she's a big mystery to me ... my relation with her art is somewhere in between amazed and "nay"!

dianne said...

I hope your move goes smoothly Anna-Lys...I read at Phos's blog that you have five sons...really, that is amazing?
You will have plenty of help with the move and I hope you have sorted out your kayak plans. ♥

Kirti said...

Frida Kahlo was amazing...this is not one of my favorites, but I have to say, it is very compelling--the poor thing suffered greatly in life!

Calli said...


Found you via my friend Cynthia of Epiphany...Your blog is lovely!

I love Frida's work very much. This is one of my fave's. She was incredible and intense, and one of my greatest artist mentors.

Look forward to future visits.


Anonymous said...

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