Monday, 30 November 2009

Mute Monday: Travel (un)Ravel!?!

Enjoy Your Journeys!


Mute Monday
is a weekly multi-participant group project
that visually addresses reader suggested themes.
Click here to learn more, and be sure to visit
the troll report to let everyone know you participated.
(says K9)


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Conceptual Hyper-Realism?!?

Art by

Tristan Schane

Interviewed here

"Inter-viewed" is a lovely English expression
but the process of making art might be an Intra-view ;-)


First lesson of Anna-Lystic Cyber-Ethology

(in short ALCE in Swe. ÄLG LÄRA)

Positive relatedness or negative relatedness are in relation to factors such as distance, actuality, mood, hunger, openness, sex and humour, etcetera, but most of all projections. The change between positive and negative responsiveness is called learning. Learning may be limited by growth and social context. Animals has to learn to survive, if they turn their back to the "Newly" perceived, they may be eaten by that new creature.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Escape from Lolcatraz, or Blogging as an Escape from Reality!?!?

An ESCapade

Lets get pseudo-philosophical! (I discuss from a first-person perspective, only because I prefer it, not due to some self-related experience.) I have been looking upon blogging as a kind of escape-way when life gets dull and boring, or when I am overwhelmed of creativity, or just can't sleep and care for some social interplay. Now, I face almost the opposite side of the coin. When, into deep serious states in life, that needs lots of reflection, a "LOL" can destroy the reflection and I have to start the thinking-process all over again. Today the online sphere is an ongoing parallell world, side by side, the physical world. Both worlds are happening in the real world of the humans everyday life. Escapes can be looked upon as intellectual decisions needed when aiming for a timelimited goal. Before escapes was thought of as something negative - what has generated this paradigmshift in thinking? The "ESC-key ", of course. The computers has tought us that we are the agent that can descide, before we thought it was all about destiny ;-)

Wonderings by


Saturday, 14 November 2009

It gets lighter when its dark

If You dig deeper it might get hot ...

It's snowing outside and the Swedish melancholic soul starts to wake up. Still living in they grey scale but slowly slowly visualising a lighter environment, that will lift us up to higher former of being ... here ... alive and interplaying with the outside of Self.

~ Just an other Self-Anna-Lyse

Georgia O'Keeffe "Black Iris"

A post aimed to
celebrate the 122nd
anniversary of the
birth of Georgia O'Keeffe
on the 15:th of November