Monday, 4 May 2009

Sweden's most Intelligent Festival

The International Science Festival

Dr. Jane Goodall with Friend

Here I am at The International Science Festival (Yes, I am the chimpanzee, to the right). But, I ran away listening to Green Design, because I care for the environment, but I will also attend the more spacey, or out of space programs, maybe it will be a better place to live on? I will be at the festival most of the time and do some "monkey business" and so on ... and lets rrrrrrrock.

May 7:th Updated photo from Gothenburg.

Photo: Dick Gillberg


Hanneles paradis said...

Kul festival. Här har jag lagt några klickbara bilder på kajakbygget:

Anne said...

Et superherlig bilde!!!!!

Men er det da du til venstre der da??

ANNA-LYS said...

Tack Hannele!!!!

You are right Anne, it is to the left!
I do the same when I drive, turn left, when right and vice versa :-D

Hålfot said...

Så du knäcker på vetenskapsfestivalen? Jag skulle också vara där, om det inte vore så rackarns långt bort.

I höst hålls "den musikfria dagen" i Linz i Österrike. Det finns en link på min sida, så man kan klicka. Jag är oroad över bloggens utveckling till reklam.

imac said...

Let the good times roll.

Katten försvann said...

This woman is amazing!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like a lot of monkey business to me!

Pete said...

did not know you were a mad scientist ;-)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

looks like you can sing too! lol

I would love to hear what Jane Goodall has to say. She has had an amazing life!

Charles Gramlich said...

Ah, a pic of Jane Goodall and me.

RuneE said...

Nice to have seen you "live"! :-)

PS Gøteborg er et bra sted for konferanser.

Dick said...

RuneE is funny, lol.
The website says you are invited for 1000 hours of science, you know what to do the next few weeks.
I think I would like the festival too.

Anonymous said...

Oj,oj. Du kommer allt närmare. Jag ska spana efter dig när jag springer varvet.

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

Why not?

boneman said...

I guess I just figured that the picture was on the right...
Then again, it isn't so very unlike you to 'monkey around' so to speak....
Although I though Jane passed away years back?
Something sad?

I forgot.
I should look it up.
And, will.

boneman said...

and, I'm happy to say, nay! Not only is she NOT dead, but...well, here:Dec 16, 2008 - Dr Dame Jane Goodall was a debutante dabbling in secretarial work when she suddenly moved to Africa to study chimpanzees. Fifty years, five professorships, 24 degrees and 61 awards later, she tells Sabine Durrant all about her life in the bush – and what her subjects can teach us human ...
From Dame Jane Goodall: Lady and the chimps - Related web

so...quite behind the times I am, eh?

boneman said...

no mam.
I thought she was dead, but went straight away to google land where all information can be found.
She IS alive.
She still packs a punch (no signs of slowing down)

dianne said...

I hope you're enjoying the science festival,Jane Goodall is an amazing woman how lucky to have her there. ♡

She is amongst those other brilliant women like Diane Fossey and Joy Adamson, both deceased I believe and another hero of mine Australian doctor and OBGYN Catherine Hamlin who helps so many young women in her hospital in Ethiopia. ♡

Sir James E. Watkins said...

Goodall spoke at Hanover College just a while back. She stunned the crowd as she walked out on stage. She opened with a loud chimpanzee call!

It was great!

I hope you are doing well.

I love the Emerson quote by the way.

~ James

foam said...

i think boneman is thinking of dr. diann fossey who researched gorillas and was murdered.

anyway .. what an extremely cool festival. rrrrrrrrock away, anna-lys .. i hear the music loud and clear .. lol ..

Ruela said...

What's Up Doc? ;)

Nebby said...

Hej tjejen!

Kul att du är tillbax i bloggosfären igen. Själv har jag varit helt utanför den länge pga att mitt liv har tagit en helt ny vändning vilket tog upp min tid länge. Jag har gift mig bland annat. Kramar från Nebby

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I had left a comment on the post below, but somehow it didn't get registred... I must have been too fast leaving the site...
Anyway here it comes again and meanwhile I can see you've moved and started a new job. How are you doing???
Is everything going the way it should? Are you enjoying your new home on the island?
How is the new job?

I also really admire Jane Godall
and re the post below I think here are two blog-entries which you might enjoy reading:
(and you might also enjoy the picture of the post below that one!!!)

and this one on poverty:

unfortunately i wasn't able to open the links you have sent me, something with my PC... well perhaps sometimes the boys can figure out what's wrong... IT is really not my subject at all, I have to admid!

have a really nice weekend!

boneman said...

yes...Foam is correct.
I was thinking about Fossey.

You girls are so lucky, eh?
You have your own private computer mechanics to help you out.
Of course Foam's mechanics are maybe just a bit young yet, so she just goes out and buys a new computer.

Å®t Øf £övë said...

I wish you a great weekend.

puerileuwaite said...

"Sweden's Most Intelligent Festival"Isn't that a similar concept to:
"The Daycare Center's Best Kid At Coloring Within The Lines"?

laughingwolf said...

kissing those huge lips... i dunno! :O lol

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks very festive!

Anonymous said...

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