Monday, 27 April 2009

World Poverty - The Real Pandemic

To be treathed worst than a swine
is more dangerous and world wide spread
than the Swine Influenza, You can be the next!

Critical Anna-Lyze
of Media News


Daily and balanced updates
of the Swine Influenza before it gets out to the news,
and turned upside down, and twisted. Presented in six
different languages. The latest update is in the upper
right corner of the WHO site.


imac said...

You are certainly right about being Nationwide, What makes it worse is all these houses empty in Airforce bases goint to rack and ruin.

My comment to your post about sails, is you wont want sails if I came and paddled for us

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

My spouse has been traveling between NY and Texas this week and although the risk is slim, I am still worried.

As for poverty, it is and probably always will be a global crisis. I went to a book signing recently and the author was a man who was raised in extreme poverty with abusive parents. He was saying that middle and upper class people like to help the poor, so long as they dont have to get too close. I think, that is unfortunately the truth, and unless you get close and try to help each poor person as an individual, its not affective.

ugh and hug to you too!

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

Rich ListI thought you wrote "property", but I looked the word up in my dictionary..."poverty" is the opposite. I beg you pardon!

Charles Gramlich said...

Very sad.

laughingwolf said...

is it not a quote from the bible?: the poor will always be with us... :(

ANNA-LYS said...

Imac, I don't know if its prober English, but it is from my inner spirit and by heart.

Thank You, but it is only for ne person. But, we can tie together two kayaks then the problem is solved -> we have a "kayatamaran" ;-), excellent for sailing with.

Helene aka K8, I am also worried, and sad for those whom has died in the new virus. But, in for example USA, Your country, there are almost 40 million! people that live in poverty and hunger, the highest ever!

ANNA-LYS said...

Tykot, I don't understand the point here, why a rich list?

Charles, sad indeed!

LaughingWolf, quote from the bible? Interesting, because it is said, and written in tears and anger. Are You pulling my leg?
People don't care! And, now people loose their jobs, their homes and the poverty rate will increase due to the finance crisis, all over the world - nobody cares or shares.

Ida said...

Ett viktig fokus dette.
Vi mennesker er nok som oftest redd for det som kan ramme oss selv....
Vi er mer redd for svineinfluensa enn for fattigdom.
Det virker mer truende.
Vi er redd for å bli syke, og for å miste mennesker vi er glade i.
Uansett er det viktig å hjelpe, der man kan hjelpe til.
Jeg mistet forøvrig to oldeforeldre av Spanskesyken, og min bestefar ble omplassert som liten. Så, det kan ramme alle. Både sykdom og fattigdom....

God uke ønskes deg! :)

Skriver på norsk, og håper at det er greit. ;)

Anonymous said...

anna lys, what really leaves my astonished is how we became selfish and mainly unable to feel some sympathy through others whom fate or destiny left behound ... if each and everyone helped a little bit maybe we wouldn't end all poverty, but we certainly would reduce quite a lot those awful number.

r-yo said...

yup.. poverty kills more people than any epidemic. am not saying we not address the flu, but we should not turn a blind eye on the former.

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

The list was latest news yesterday. That is why I published the comment. Some of us poor fellows own only half what we owned last year.

laughingwolf said...

no disrespect intended, anna-lys, just something i recall from somewhere... :(

Hålfot said...

Matthew 26:11 "The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me."

Yoga Gal said...

Brother, can you spare a dime!

Damn, this is the new Great Depression, and things are going to get worst! I read how GM is going to have large lay-offs coming! I pity our new President what a nightmare he has to deal with and it's not his fault but the greed of the American people and the G.O.P. grovt. stopping the laws and regulations that could stop this madness!

Hålfot said...

Is there a connection: greed-poverty, do you think? I do.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm trying not to let this scare me, as I am very susceptible to flu and flu shots never did a thing for me. I also wonder if the media coverage is an overreaction, or if it is more related to what you drew attention to--poverty. Mexico is very poor and people die often of common influenza. The few documented cases in the US are mild, because we have a more developed economy. It also seems to have hit other developed countries, possibly through travel. If it gets to places like Africa, it will be mass slaughter and no one will care.

boneman said...

I always worry about commenting on such a subject.
I am part of the poor.
But, I am lucky enough to live with a chritian who lets me stay.
Still, even though I am poor, I stay as close as I can stand to the city where I donate time and paintings towards helping folks.
I am always digging around in you tube land looking for things to help (different vehicles, homes, alternative energy sources)

I don't do this for position in heaven, either, though that is quite apparent to some.
I do so because it is right to love my neighbor enough to help.
"Help others as best you can," I always say....
so I stay and help.

Raghu Menon said...

It is the "new" world order that we are seeing for about a century. The gap between the rich and the poor keep widening, the poor gets poorer and die and the few rich get richer...

sexy said...
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Pete said...

very true
and the solution is???
guess that will always be the question

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

As Thomas, my old friend at Gubbhyllan (Old Man's Retreat) and me think, people act very strange. When they have a big problem, that they can't solve, they invent a smaller, that they can solve. Is it what you suggest? "Yes, this world wide poverty is a problem, but let's forget it for a while, and make vaccine against Schweinegrippe." Is this a reasonable attitude? What also came from my conversatiom with Thomas was: "One man's profit is the other man's loss". He sounded like a real commie rat, but it may be true to the right wing as well.
Since there is no vaccine to cure this financial crisis, their thoughts begin to enter new orbits.

Dick said...

You can also be the next to get the swine influenza, both options are bad.

Monique said...

Is there ever good news? Will things affect us? Will we go into poverty again? We've been there before and if we go there again, we will survive.

That crazy sexy japanese or chinese has been everywhere.

goatman said...

Hi and howdy.
This fellow shown could have a more satistied mind than you or I. How would we know?
Something about walking in others' shoes for a day before casting opinions?

But . . . you're probably right.

Stacey said...

Good evening Anna-Lys,

Its becoming so very sad that whenever we turn on the telly or pick up a news paper, these head lines SCREAM out to us....war, riots, murders, poverty and now swine influenza, all this and many many more head lines {:(
Unfortunatly no one has any answers in how to solve all theses problems...infact, there really is no answer.

I hope that you and your HAT are both well.
Take lots of care ((hugs)) {:D

..................... said...

it's depressing out there. that's for sure. what's also depressing is that if i were raising my 2 sons on my own (on my teacher's salary) i would barely be living above poverty level. at least, poverty as measured in the usa. however, i would still have a much, much better quality of life then a whole lot of the world.

millroll said...

I agree, and so I`ve been told before: If we kan save mankind from poverty we can save the world, but there are too many people who don`t care about that, we are..with all the poverty and "pandemics"....
I wish you a nice Walpurgis, however! Kram =)

boneman said...

It could be the choice of picture you have shown for the post.
I suspect all over the world it is the same.
There IS poverty, there IS a case of starvation,....this guy is NOT one of the cases.
He has already gathered several tools needed for his new journey through the streets. (In fact, if you see him on the streets, approach him in an alert manner. He is armed)

We can, most of us, help. Even a poor artist, as it were. Put several poor artists together and they can even raise almost $1500 for Stopover (yes, we did!) even though none of the artists got that much $ personally.
Next time you go shopping, you see a case of can food on sale for stupid cheap, even though you don't like whatever it it and drop it off at any local mission.

Here's the trick.
If you look at global poverty?
Youi'll never solve it. It's too big for you to solve. You'll get very sad, and then very mad...but, you still won't solve it.
(Laughing Wolf is right. It was Jesus explaining to his disciple, probably Judas because folks like to beat up on him, when questioned about why they were getting some kind of banquet offered to them complete with oils for fett (?) he said, "the world will always have its poor. You will not always have me,")
The world WILL always have its poor, and, strangely enough, some of them are happy about it. Some aren't happy, but are surviving in some capacity, anyway.

But, each of us DO have poor people right in front of us. Most don't recognize them.
They need help or want help, please do so.
If you see a poor person in a group, you are in a large city. Get the case of cans on sale, drop it off at the mission.
If you see a poor person alone, and he's begging? Give him something. Anything.
Take him to a fast food place (they're all over the place, anyway) and feed him (her...whatever) and be sure to refuse the promise of payback. Tell them to pay back to someone else. If you hear your neighjbor crying? Make some bread for them.
Just help.
It doesn't have to be a big money thing. Just help....
(Good movie? Pay it Forward Young Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment) responds to an assignment from his teacher (Kevin Spacey) with a plan to help three people … who will help three more, and so on, in an ever-widening circle. Trevor touches more people than he expected in director Mimi Leder's gentle drama: his abused mother Arlene (Helen Hunt), his physically and emotionally scarred teacher and a journalist who hears of the plan and starts investigating. … It is a wonderful example of just help SOMEONE, and that will grow.

boneman said...

by the offence on what you think with the 'word verification' box, but, the danged thing made me do it twice (probably because my comment was too long (no! Really? boneman had a long comment?)

I couldn't help but to notice that there is a spam message here.
And, in another language, no less.

buffalodick said...

The media stirs the pot by creating senarios that have not even taken place yet.... Anyone that can do percentages knows there are far worse diseases out there killing millions, that should be attended to first!

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

As time passed the "swine influenza" turned to "influenza A". Most appropriate, since no swines have been infected, as far as we know. Poverty is still called "poverty".

Clark said...

the welfare state is to blame for the homeless problem! from cradle to grave the government saps our individual initiative and renders ambition null and void! if big brother will support me why should i help myself! the person pictured here doesn't need a handout he needs a personal trainer! only in america!!

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

A canadian farmer, who recently returned ill from Mexico, has infected his swines with A.

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Morning Star Shines ;-)

Sorry, I haven't been around. To move and start a new job have occupied me, a lot. As, if that wasn't enough my Dog has her "girlperiod". But, I shall not complain. At least I haven't got the pandemic "poverty", neither the influenza.

Hope You all are fine, and that You have had a great Walpurgis weekend!

The content in this post, might not be the best, but it comes from my heart (even if it speaks Swenglish). I am still angry of that media blows up a little flu and create panic all over the world.

Some of You think the photo illustration isn't in line with my thought ... still we regard homeless people worst than swine, n matter if it is grounded in poverty or if it is a rich guy with a mental problem. Maybe, because he lacks the most important in life - artificial teeth!!??!!

And again, as I wrote above this is a post that is grounded in media critic ... but, poor people can't afford glasses. If that is the case, they will probably not read the papers or online news. Those whom has capacity to read, knows more than the average .... :-=

evelina said...

Good point!

Why not instead discuss the spread of malaria infecting 300-500 million people every year while "nobody can afford the medicine" which in fact is much cheaper than a cup of coffee...

Alien David Sousa said...

You are soooooo right dear Anna!With this crisis, it seems that every day that goes by there are more people living with out the confort of a home. The taste of real food. The hug of someone who loves them. Its sad, just sad.


Bella Nått said...

Nobody cares about reality
it is toooo big to swallow