Monday, 6 April 2009

Child Abuse Awareness

I have been away from Blogoland during almost four months. I closed my former blog, but did occasionally visit my blogfriends now and then. I feel that I am strong enough to explain my somewhat strange behaviour. I have been cought in the midst of an ugly disfunctional closeby family. I have known them for years, but have been totally unware of what was going on behind the closed doors. In November 2008 I was told by the mother in that family that her husband hitted her badly several times each week, and that this have been ongoing for more than 15 years!

I have tried to help that family! In December I became aware of that even the children was badly abused! There I draw the line for softly helping, them out of this awful way of living. The girl moved to my home, and the whole picture was put on the table by this girl ... to make this long and heart-breaking story short:
The girl is placed on a secret place in a good well-functional family, and the father has been detained in custody for five weeks, while I myself have been threaten and stalked by his brothers etcetera, I had to flee from my home. It has been a tough time, as You can imagine.

But, it is worth it, even if we can only save one child, at a time, it maybe scare some presumptive abusers to not walk that road! The father has now got his dome; Due to child abuse probation with society service 75 hours (instead of jail time 6 months) and he must attain a treatment-program for criminals called One-to-One. I hope this family will function together in the future, but they all need treatment!

Sorry for my bad manners against all of You cyber-friends <3

April is the child abuse awareness month,
I hope it will make a change for our children!



ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You
4 visiting my re-opened blog

<3 <3 <3

laughingwolf said...

six months for child abuse and assault on the mother? that's crazy! GRRRRRRRR

laughingwolf said...

glad you were not harmed...

ANNA-LYS said...

Yes, I can agree on that!
But they lost their daughter, and the treatment-program will not let him lose for a loooong time.
Healing is the goal, not further hurting!

The mother did not come through, she is not even admitting that the father has abused the girl into unconsciousness. He admits a tiny part, (which she denies, she is deadly scared)the SOS-alarm has it recorded, and the documents at the hospital and my pictures of the many brose, speaks for itself.

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You, dear :-D

imac said...

Oh my friend, what a heart rending story, I'm so sorry for you, and the family, but when children are involved, its not good.
I admire you for all you did, and the horrid time and pain you went through.
I hope you will find some relief in posting it out in your blog.
(getting it off your chest as we say in the UK)
I hope and pray all will be healed in time, with the family and of course You my friend.

Jean said...

I came here to thank you for the comment on my blog.
I read your post here and am heart-broken for the family but am awed by your strength to help them even though it put you in danger.
Boneman told me many times that you are an amazing woman. He is right.

puerileuwaite said...

You are my heroine! Glad you're back, gorgeous.

Tonårsmorsa said...

Jag hoppas också att det ska göra skillnad. På kort och lång sikt. Ledsen för att det pågår!

Kram! ♥

Gittan said...

Jag finner inte orden jag skulle vilja säga om denna företeelse
Jag beundrar alla som vågar ställa upp och jag kan bara hoppas att jag själv skulle ha kurage till det om någon i min närhet blev drabbat
Tills dess (låt oss hoppas att detta aldrig inträffar)Kan jag bara fortsätta stödja BRIS

Charles Gramlich said...

Even the thought of it makes me so sad.

Dick said...

That explains a lot, thank you
It's a terrible thing that happened and I hope it will be good again after all but still there is a long way to go.
You did a good thing.

Little Lamb said...

Please be careful and try to stay safe.

ANNA-LYS said...

Hey, You keep forget
I exercise Karate ;-)
and I have alarm on me,
no one dare to even kiss me :-(

Stacey said...

Hi Anna-Lys,
Thank you for your message, it is lovely to see you back ;)

This post really does explain many things.

How very sad for this young girl, my heart goes out to her, and it really sounds like you have had a tough, scary time, but you should be very proud of yourself that you did not turn your back and "pretend" you hadn't noticed or heard anything, as I am sure many people would have, for fear of getting involved.
You absolulty did the right thing, so hold your head up high and be proud.

((((((hugs)))))) are being sent all the way from england :-D

foam said...

i certainly hope these brothers are not stalking you anymore!

it's so heartbreaking when children are abused and a parent is in denial.
you did the right thing. you are a brave woman ..

Tyko Brae (exgen. NB) said...

Can I kiss you?

goatman said...

Of course, helping those in need of your help comes before anything else. You are a special person to try to right the wrongs and I know it is hard to commit sometimes. We once lived next to two people who were always yelling and arguing but we never paid it any mind until one night we could hear him hitting her and her screams. The cops were called and I am sure he knew that we had called them. In this case it worked out since I think they split up and went their own ways shortly after. But when children are involved it is much more important to intervene and seek help for them. You did the right thing and I applaud you for your help. You are an angel.

I have always loved your graphics,
you know.

Alien David Sousa said...

You are really an amazing person Anna. Im glad you are ok, but let me say, there arent many peps in the world that would do what you did. I really admire you MORE now. I was surprised when i found out the blog was gone...and more surprise now to discover why.

All the best for you...yeah child abuse its a serious issue and if only we had more " ANNA'S" ;)


boneman said...

Yes mam. Along with everyone else I say that is brave.

I am tolerant of a lot of foolishness in the world, but child abuse is not one of them. I realize i have a soft spot for the underdog, but, that kind of abuse is absolutely not defendable.

And, dang! DO watch out for those brothers....
Knowledge of self defense is a good thing, but, what the heck. A gun does as well to distract an attacker, too.

(Well, if it's leagl, of course.)

Stay safe, gal.

laughingwolf said...

people like that should never have children, if even the mother says what he did was ok grrrrrrr

stay safe, anna-lys

Zee said...

Thank you for the explanation, and a big, big klemm for what you did.

Anonymous said...

Good for you A-L ... very brave of you. I hope the family heals.

Ida said...

Så bra at du klarte å være den personen som denne familien behøvde! Det er godt å vite at det finnes gode og omsorgsfulle medmennesker der ute!
Mennesker som våger å hjelpe, og som våger å si ifra.
"Noen" har vært det barnet selv... Og for dem er det viktig å gå videre og å fokusere på det som er vakkert... Det gir styrke!

Jeg håper på og ønsker alt godt for denne familien - og deg!

Godt at du er tilbake. :)
Lager en ny link til deg på bloggen min. Kommer snart innom deg igjen.
TAKK for alle gode ord og kommentarer fra deg.
Jeg verdsetter det høyt!
God klem fra meg.

Finnes det forresten en logo som man kan lime inn i bloggen, for å vise sin støtte for " Child Abuse awareness month"?

Ida said...

Jeg fant flere logoer og skal lime minst en av dem inn i bloggen min. I Norge bor det 50 000 barn i voldelige hjem.....!

zé lérias (o. carvalho) said...

You are really an amazing person!

boat donation said...

Child abused should be stopped. we should be aware of this things.