Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tribute to the Nature

We Swedes have a special relation to nature which we share with our Scandinavian neighbours. We tribute nature through special festivals nd we dance around Yule trees and Midsummer poles. Our spirits are sensitive for natures shifts and we become lyrical over the first flower. Many of us still bend to the ground and kiss it. In the Swedish constitution, we have The Right of Public Access, which probably is the most important reason why we stay in our country whatever happens. We still have the same procedures around natures shifts as we had long before the church came here with their calender.

In spring we celebrate the birth of nature, Walpurgis (Valborgsmäss), I think the video capture the soul very well, it is the Godness of Spring with the Finnish band Gjallarhorn. The narrative from their songs springs from Nordic mythology. "Gjallarhorn" is the goat horn you can see on the video. The celebration of natures birth is also a awakening of love and passion in our pretty melancholic souls. Spring is seeds of love and growth.

Me, myself move out to the Archipelago of the West Coast, Sweden, I will now live on a small island, even if I still go to work on the university. Getting back and forth will take about 5 hours, but I will live in the midst of the wilderness, I need this for my final process of writing, to be closer to our nature. I will still be around, now and then, but, not as much, as I have been until now. I will probably post some pictures of my surroundings ;-)




Gittan said...

Jag ser fram emot att se dina bilder från omgivningarna där du ska bo Och hoppas på ett och annat inlägg även om det blir mer sällan

dianne said...

It is wonderful to be close to nature and to be aware of the beauty of each Season.
It is always a delight to see a swollen bud burst forth into a beautiful flower.
I am glad that you have kept your traditional beliefs and nature calendar for if these traditions arent practised they are lost.
Enjoy your time of inspiration in the wilderness Anna-Lys. ♡

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing pictures, having never seen that part of the world before.

CJ xx

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

dear Anna-Lys,
thanks for visiting me and your comment, which was most interesting to read!

this son featured above is really beautiful and i love songs like taht as well, brough also some rather weird CDs back from Ivalo (nordthern finland) one...

here's something which you might enjoy:
I put in the post a song by sissel. do you know her?
And I had to admid, I got inspired by you, before that did not put songs on the blog. but taht one yesterday was really beautiful... so i thought, i'd do the same.

yes, here in denmark, we also have open-air concerts and we usually go to vordingborg.

I really had to smile about you moving to an island. makes me thinki about working in göteborg and you know the islandsnorth-west, forgot what they were called, but I was there onece, taking pictures, since I was featuring them in a book i wrote (no, no geographical book, it's an adventure story, partly action, partly spy-story mixed up with a reflecting, psychological aspect... well a little different than what people usually do...)
anyway, I really have a puicture or two in mind when you talk about living out in nature and working in the city and i must also say, that's what we've done for years now. It was a little hard to begin with, but it's tghe only way, we wanna live!

but one thing. isn't the real estate marked quite expensive there? I know swedish lapland is cheap, but out there on the west cost... well, it looked to me, like most of those people had done quite well in life before they bought a place up there. Or am I wrong? if I am, please let me know!
love, sarah sofia

Hålfot said...

Please father, don't move to Tjörn!

ANNA-LYS said...

Gittan, det är väl inte så långt från Dina trakter. Du kanske vill titta in på en kopp kaffe, vad det lider :-)

Dianne, when I read Your poems, or look at Your pictures or paints, I am almost convinced that You have Norse blood in Your veins.

ANNA-LYS said...

Crystal JigsawI will do my best, have to bunker up with lots of batteries to my cameras. It is a beautiful area, You may use the word "Bohuslän", when googling :-)

ANNA-LYS said...

Sarah SofiaYes, I know Sissel, by her performance, do You know Mari Boine?

The islands are; Orust, Tjörn, und so weiter ;-)

I am only renting this cottage, I am buying in an other archipelago; The High Coast of Sweden (on the opposite coast f Sweden, and further North). But, I have to be close to Göteborg for same time now.

Would, You like to visit me on the west coast? Or, rent a stuga, of Your own? Must, ask You are You Danish, or what?

(( Love ))

HålfotNä, Tjörn är det ej -)

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

That is a very interesting read.
I saw on tv once this woman was cooking outside! To be in one with the nature!
With a beautiful weather and scenery, why would you not, right?

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

thanks, ana-Lys gfor the link and answers!
Yes, I've been to Höga Kusten as well. we usually go there on our way to lapland.
Why do you buy there? Is the price better?
have a look here:

well, then you'll know, why I'm asking. Still not quite decided on that one and we always have wanted a little stuga in Sweden... but that one (mentioned on the blog) really went wrong!

No, I'm not danish at all, I was born in the american part of berlin, when it was still devided.
Have lived in Dk for more than 25 years though eventhough i neither fancyb the language nor nature that much, but my husband is from North-England, so this is kind of a compromise where we can find work and a place to live, but we would both rather live much farther north and several of the books I have written do take place in the North, just because I love being there so much.

Hålfot said...

That is comforting. ;-)

buffalodick said...

A 5 hr. commute? It does sound like the most beautiful commute a person could have..

Dick said...

You live on an island now?
Wow, we have something to share, I'm looking forward to the pictures.

imac said...

Im all for this Nature, for we all are destroying our planet, but Nature will and is doing to right itself.

Glad you moving and nice place but will miss you too

Anonymous said...

Tack för ditt stöd
och lycka till med din spurt på ön med ditt "marathon"

puerileuwaite said...

You can dance around my yule tree anytime, lady.

dianne said...

Big ((hug)) sister. :-) ♡

laughingwolf said...

may i assume you won't be living in a cave? ;) lol

since my family are balts, for the most part, i'm familiar with and really enjoy the cultures from that area... love the video :)

foam said...

walpurgisnacht is just around the corner ..
see you there, sister .. :)
at least in spirit.

how exicting it is to move your island. i so hope you manage to post lots of pictures.


Anonymous said...

cool song

will miss you,
but understand for
a chance to live on an island(!)


¤ ¤ ¤


Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

OK so when does this move take place? I am really excited for you (I know this has been the process of happening for a while now...)No Wifi?
I will be so interested in your new life there with all the nature and lack of population around you! How big is the island and is there a town on it? How will you commute? Boat I guess... wow... sorry for the 20 questions, but its all so interesting and exciting! I will miss your posts and comments here again though.

Unknown!!! said...

It's very interesting..knew something about Sweden.. even in our culture and traditions Nature has a significant role. The Earth,Water,Sky,Fire & Air..are all together called as Panch Bhoot(5 elements)..In some of the villages people offer prayers to trees,rivers,mountains.

Anonymous said...

Global warming should be good for Sweden. You will have a longer growing season, and more time when hot women can dance in the grain fields.

Anna-Lys, every time I start my big car to drive to work, I am doing it for you.

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello Sisters and Brothers
and of course, you Others
I will nearly live in a cave
do some philosophical behave
I can't be find on Google Earth
until after my articles birth
in the meantime ...
for fun publ some pictures
not sensitive to strictures

(( LOVE ))


Anonymous said...

He came from far away ... bum, bum, bum ... made is feet as he moved along the road ... birds would stop singing ... cats would hide under the table ... mothers would call for their children screaming ... bum, bum, bum ... the noise became louder and louder ... bum, bum, bum ... and when they saw him everybody yelled ... yes, from down under he came running right till the North and sweated as he was, it wasn't a pleasant sight ... no it wasn't ... and when he started shouting "hey Anna Lys, where are you" ... someone found the only way to shut him for good was to thorow him a flying show ... ouch, that hurted ... wow ... yep, that's me! thought you could easily get rid of me, did you?

Raghu Menon said...

Beautiful video. Celebration of spring is part of many cultures and in India too, the five elements have so much values. Worship of nature has definitely to do with the values of a civilization and may be these values originated from the realization of the need to protect the nature?

ANNA-LYS said...

Tnx :-D

In the meantime one more link to my surroundingsHave a Lovely weekend

blue letters = active link to further experience ;-)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

so is that where i should stay when I come visit? lol Looks fabulous! wow!

ANNA-LYS said...

YES! :-D

ANNA-LYS said...


click on "archipelago" on the last link, to come closer to me <3

imac said...

.Hi, my friend.

Fancy A give-away? then pop to

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You Imac, I have submitted my part(s) in the contest LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sound great Anna-Lys. I hope you have a fantastic experience as part of your study. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

RuneE said...

Jeg forstår deg så godt - ha en god sommer og kos deg imens! :-()

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You, I will probably be able to start posting pictures first from May.

<3 <3 <3

r-yo said...

communing with nature? that's one thing i'd love doing. too bad i'm stuck in the concrete metropolis that is Tokyo.

Steve Lando said...

jag har då alltid haft lite inskränkt svårt för finsk musik men detta var purt vackert för själ o sinne.

Anledningen därtill är ej svår att se, inför naturen, inför gudinnan, inför kvinnan - blir allt sakralt i sin syn, utan möjlighet till försolkning. Underbart.

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