Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Back to the Roots

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it,
it's your world for the moment. I want to give that world
to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so,
they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it
whether they want to or not.”
(Georgia O'Keefe)

Iris, a flower that can grow almost anywhere, no matter the nutrition or quality of the land. The Iris is a beautiful and dramatic flower that has many different looks, and colours. Still they are the same family - The Irises.

The Iris has strong fibre and are very flexible. The fibre from the leaf can be used to make cordage (for making fishnet, ropes, strings etcetera). The roots was used in medicine for kidney problems and to get into a dizzy world. No, no I haven't used it!

I use an other root, everyday, it is from the same family, as the Iris, namely Ginger. I eat it fresh in my everyday salad bowl. In some cultures they use ginger root for torture, because it is very strong. But, me I don't use it in that part of my body, I eat it, and use it for healthy purposes.

Health, yes that is something lots of people all over the world are getting more less of. For example in my own country, Sweden, we have a huge problem with unemployment, actually the highest in Europe right now (we can't export any more).

If You can't control, anything else, stay healthy with the small things in life. Enjoy our nature and its richness, take a flower in Your hand, and watch it carefully, feel its softness. You can also take control over Your body, by healthier living and why not start with some martial arts (I do Shotokan karate), because loosing the sense of self-control, is to slowly, slowly loosing Yourself, the core roots of being a human.

Stay Strong, Healthy and Flexible!

(( Hugs ))



Gittan said...

Jag är stark och frisk samt mycket flexibel Ändå lyckades jag bli så förkyld att ingen kan höra vad jag säger med en totalt obefintlig röst MEN Lyssna på andra är inte så dumt ibland heller bara det inte blir för ofta

ANNA-LYS said...

Det där kan utdrivas med vitlök och ingefära (ginger).

krya på Dig!

Dr Phil-Lys ;-)

Charles Gramlich said...

I've developed a new appreciation of flowers as I age. Irises and Lilys are among my favorites.

RuneE said...

Life is like the flower: a promise, a beauty - than it is gone.

Carpe Diem.

Zee said...

That is interesting - whenever I encounter challenging situations, I carry a ginger root in my pocket and frequently nibble on it; works wonders! Didn't realize that irisis are in the same family as ginger :)

(P.S. my word verification is "crises"...)

imac said...

You are so right Anna-lys,
Sweetness, soft, colourful, tender to the touch, fragrant.
That also applies to the flower.

foam said...

i also love ginger. i often have fresh ginger in the house.
but you are so right. we are getting less health. there are too many readily available processed foods around....
not enough exercise ..
none of that benefits our core roots as a human.

Dick said...

Hey Anna-Lys, thank you, take care of yourself too.

Anne said...

Vakker post!! Vakre ord som jeg i kveld skal ta med meg på sengekanten :-))

Klem til deg.

Steve Malley said...

Great advice. I need to bed down some bulbs for the winter so I'll get tulips next spring. Meantime, I'll be thinking...

Ginger for *torture*?!?!?!

ANNA-LYS said...

CharlesMe, too, but only close up.

RuneThat's life, it comes in cycles.
Is it true that Norway is growing?

ZeeLOL That was a new one! Tnx
Ginger root has thermogenetic effect, I guess You are light weighted, if You eat it frequently.


Alien David Sousa said...

Nice message my dear sweedish friend.By the way, you do Shotokan karate? Wow, im impressed.

K9 said...

welcome back! what an erotic painting -ive always liked these but i may be among the rare few who likes okeefes nwe york city paintings the best of all her work.

well your advice is taken. nothing else matters if you dont have your health. i was thinking about tai chi to calm my inner rotty. grrrherhahaha

Middle Ditch said...

Hey Anna-Lys, I got distracted by that widget on the side. Great to play with.

Stacey said...

Good evening Anna-Lys,
I love flowers, I moved house a few months ago and have a lovely big garden so have just finished planting flowers and plants etc, and its looking lovely (the bonus also is that I find it theraputic, to some degree) ;)

A little poem for you, in response to yours :D

Some may laugh and others mock,
The naked eye would be in shock,
No matter where the place may be,
The hat will be on for all to see.

Many colours, different styles,
some designs will make you smile,
When in the shower or in my bed,
The hat remains firmly on my head.
Oh and Swenglish sometimes does work with google translator, but not always ;D


Stacey said...

OOOPS a daisy, I forgot my hat-------- {;-D

Anonymous said...

My Aunt, whose funeral I went to today, was called Iris. So a lovely, timely post to read. Thank you.

puerileuwaite said...

I think it also should have a personality. That way I will not want to leave immediately after making love to it.

laughingwolf said...

so totally erotic :O lol

Raghu Menon said...

Ginger is a daily ingredient of our diet (South India) and it is a good appetizer, it enhances digestion. In Ayurveda there is a saying that there are no Ayurvedic drugs with out dried ginger. You can add a piece of ginger paste while making tea and it gives a nice flavour too. Or make a Lemon-Ginger drink which is good from health point of too.