Friday, 3 April 2009

Nature n' Pleasure

Me and my dog named Blackie was strolling in the forest, listening to the sound of spring. When we almost collide with a strange creature. I didn't have my camera with me, just a cellphone. But, here it is, the four (4!) eyed, eight (8!) legs ... creature.

Anyhow, the strange alien made me think of pleasure :-p

"Together as One" a music mashup by DJ Earworm

mashed up of;
U2- One
Beatles - Come Together
Diana Ross - Some Day We Will Be Together
Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

Have a lovely weekend!




Pete said...

you do meet strange creatures ;-))
have a fun filled weekend

Charles Gramlich said...

We have a LOT of frogs around our house,

Hanneles påskparadis said...

Gav du en kyss :)

imac said...

Hey, you are back blogging wowwee.
W elcome back my friend.
Hope you have had a great breakaway.

Thanks for your support and kind comments.

imac said...

Forgot to say - you must be the princess who's going to kiss the Toad- Frog.

boneman said...

actually, it appears the kissing part is over, eh?
What luck to come across lovemaking!

Good thing you fed Blackie BEFORE you went walking....


Dick said...

They are doing the right thing, MAKE love NOT war. lol

Anonymous said...

Well, everything seems to be in perfect working order in Froggie land. Way to go! Well spotted Blackie!

laughingwolf said...

but... but... it's NOT hump day :P lol

have a good'un, anna-lys ;)

Ruela said...

how are you dear Anna?

miss you.


Little Lamb said...

Have a great weekend!

foam said...

it's a veritable porn fest out there in nature, isn't it? and that's a good thing .. :)
what a photo! lol

Seraphine said...

i read once that a frog's liver is in it's skin.
and... is it true?... frogs don't have lungs, they breath through their skin too.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Too funny! Love the soundtrack you've included.

We just watched Monsters vs. Aliens and they had the song "Purple People Eater" at the end. Your note about 4 eyed, 8 legged creature reminded me of the lyrics.

Thanks for welcoming me back to my blog!