Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Wonders of Nature is Comfortably Numb


laughingwolf said...


Steve Malley said...

Great song-- a real classic!

/t. said...

this post give me
a rocklike sense of dissociation,
but at least i am comfortably fish-formed

× × ×


Little Lamb said...

That's an interesting picture. Nice song, too.

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You, but it is actually made in the mood of powerlessness :-(

ANNA-LYS said...

Must agree upon Your statement! :-)

ANNA-LYS said...

It gives me a little little tiny sense of power coming back - knowing that the visualisation of my senses are felt all the way to You my Chanuck friend <3

ANNA-LYS said...

Little Lamb
First time ever in history You have left two sentences in a comment! Now I know it made an strong impact, even in the Floridian sheep farm. Thank You for that sweetie :-)

ANNA-LYS said...

ART by René Magritte
MUSIC by Pink Floyd

This post represent my feelings upon the result of the Zwedish Election 2010. Zweden has now established a government with lack of compassion and understanding for other cultures and their ways of living by having representation of nationalsozialists (nazis) that rules our former beautiful country. As if that isn't enough we have re-elected the US-government for an other period (4 years) an government that has thrown out our welfare-system and sold out companies to private investigators, we the people will not own our own country any-more. The Swedish "Allemansrätten" (The Right of Public Access) is already nagged on, I am afraid this will be closed for private interests, like the beaches in many other countries already has.

I am still in chock, not even the fact that the Green Party now are the third largest party in Sweden can light my day, when I think about it.

My "medicine" has been practical work here on my "becoming-a-farm-in-the future" project, after the accident with my eye the other day (never work with trees before full-moon lol) Next year I probably can invite Little Lambs and goats here :-)

Thanks friends for Your understanding and empowering through cyberspace <3

Love U

Charles Gramlich said...

That image is just cool. Yes, great song for sure.

Alien David Sousa said...

Nice image.Nice short post. Sometimes i have to look at them for several minuts just to understand you and what you want to show us.


Alien David Sousa said...

Here i am once again just to say thanks. I doubt i will have more comments then the ones you gave me LOL

You are a wonderfull human!;)


dianne said...

Loved the song dear Anna-Lys and the image, it reminds me that we should not be too complacent about the wonders of nature and protecting them. xoxoxo ♡

Alien David Sousa said...

It's me again! I bet im starting to bore you. lol

I just came to say that my post has 7 comments - more then 2 - BUT it's filled with our comments, oh and another from "R." So as you can see you are a wonderfull person to have helped me, because if it wasnt for you, i would have only 1 comment lol

Thanks and ((((Kram))))

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sand Bass, we catch those out here -- all we have are the sandy bottoms of old streams with no water in them, the favored habitat of the Sand Bass...

Alien David Sousa said...

You are a great friend. You and you alone are keeping me from going under. 9 Comments, AMAZING! Far from my dreams, thanks Anna! ;)
We kinda look like 2 crazy peps with our comments, but, who cares!:D


p.s i never had a post like this to make sense in the comments lol

Pete said...

my kind of music